WhatsApp’s “View Once” Feature Gets Extended To Text Messages.

by | Mar 7, 2024

Over 2 billion users across 180 countries use WhatsApp Messenger to communicate with friends and family whenever and wherever they are. The messaging service operated by Meta is always attempting to implement new improvements.

The “View Once” function of WhatsApp, which presently enables you to send images and movies that disappear once the recepient views them, may eventually allow traditional text-based messages as well. The most recent beta of WhatsApp’s Android app reportedly has evidence of the unreleased functionality, which might one day allow users to transmit messages that can only be seen once before dissipating into thin air.

The new option, which is similar to the present “View Once” feature, may one day be helpful for sharing sensitive information that you don’t want a recipient to have continuing access to, such a password or credit card information. In fact, WhatsApp gave the scenario of someone sharing a snapshot containing their Wi-Fi login information as an example of why View Once for photos and videos can be beneficial when it first made its announcement. It’s not difficult to see this same information being conveyed as a text message that vanishes after being read.

WhatsApp currently has a disappearing messages function that enables you to specify a time after which all messages exchanged in a chat should vanish. The new “View Once” option, however, would only apply to a single message as opposed to the entirety of a discussion, and it would make a message disappear immediately after viewing rather than after a certain amount of time.

This is really helpful when you need to transmit very sensitive information and you want to promptly erase them from the recipient’s phone for increased privacy. Since it will be deleted automatically, you don’t even need to delete the see once text for everyone. View once text messages cannot be sent or copied, much like with view once photos and videos. Screenshots should also be prohibited, but we’ll check this when a new version is released.

It is speculated that the future version of WhatsApp should have a button in the application that has the conventional send message logo with a padlock on it may one day provide access to the functionality, according to findings what we’ve found in the WhatsApp beta version However, this design could change before it is formally launched because the feature is still under development.

The most recent version of WhatsApp’s programme now restricts users from taking screenshots of views once media, but it’s not clear if this security will be extended to text messages.