What Is a Code Signing Certificate and Its Importance!

by | Mar 15, 2022

What is standard code signing process?

Signing Applications / Software using code signing certificates creates a digital signature in the software. Software developers use code signing certificates to prove that their product is legitimate and has not been tampered ever since it was signed using a code signing certificate. As a result, end users are more likely to download and use the software.

If you do not sign your Software or Program, it remains open to attacks. An hacker can insert malicious code into your program and get away easily because your customers may not be aware that it isn’t original.

This above scenario will not be a case if the Software or Program was signed using a certificate. If anyone tries to inject malicious code in the Software once it was signed. The digital signature in the Software becomes invalid and Operating systems will give warnings to end users during installation of the Software since the digital signature was tampered.

OV Code signing certificates can be used to sign any 32 and 64 bit files including .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, ActiveX controls, .jar and so on. These certificate products will be issued once customer completes Organization Validation process. OV Code signing certificates can be used to sign any number of applications during the certificate’s life cycle.

It is a recommended practice to Timestamp your applications during code signing process. By doing so, Digital Signature on the signed Software or Application does not expire when the certificate expires.

Features Of OV Code Signing Certificates:

  • Displays YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME on the installer when end users tries to download and install your signed application.
  • Prevents un-trusted and annoying warning messages created by operating systems.
  • Applications that were signed using this OV / Standard code signing certificates takes some time to build Reputation.
  • Click Here for more information on how to build the SmartScreen Application Reputation
  • Needs some time to create / build reputation to prevent displaying Smart Screen filter message for signed application from Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Works with All versions of Windows.
  • Standard code signing certificate can be exported in portable format such as PFX / .P12 since no secure token is required for such certificates.