Meta’s Flagship Product Metaverse Is Empty and Glitchy.

by | Mar 7, 2024

The CEO of what was then known as Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg made a significant statement about a year ago, at least for the firm. Facebook to Meta was Zuckerberg’s way of saying “Hey we’re all in on the Metaverse” now. Zuckerberg used Facebook as a platform to announce to the metaverse that everyone was a part of it.

Since it is a digital universe that you can access with a VR headset, augmented reality on your smartphone, or even just a web browser, many people have referred to it as the next evolution of the internet. Consequently, how has meta been faring after the big Rebrand last year? Evidently not that great, at least not by the standards of the firm.

How can one go to the metaverse because we’ve never been there? What steps must one take to get there? How much does it cost? You have to purchase these virtual reality headsets and once you set them up and enter them, there is this one app called Horizon worlds that is primarily used to socialise with other people and meet other people and it’s free. There are a lot of different metaverse throughout the internet, and this is basically like each company has their own basically online world that they call the Horizon.

We’ve attempted spending some time in one of these metaverses for this post, but most of them are empty or only have a few individuals in them. However, we did uncover that one of the world had around 20 people in it.

Present-day metaverse, which is what we’ve not seen yet, there is clearly a lot going on while not much is happening at the same time. If You go to Metaverse, you can see it to yourself where it is generally quiet.

There just weren’t many people there, I mean, how empty are we talking about here? As a result, there are several Worlds. Those have been constructed, and less than 10% of them really receive visits from more than 50 individuals, therefore many of them

Additionally, it has been determined that less than 200 000 individuals are now travelling to Horizon worlds, which is less than the population of two falls in South Dakota, based on an examination of some of Meta’s internal records conducted by a reputable media outlet.

Compared to Meta’s other apps such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. These applications together are reaching more than

3.5 billion average monthly users and so the contrast right now is pretty Stark. Meta wanted their virtual world to originally reach 500000 monthly active users by the end of the year. In recent weeks, they’ve actually taken that figure down and said, our new goal is actually 280000 because you know they’re struggling to get there.

Why Meta’s Horizon Is So Empty ?

According to internal documentation, the Glitchy technology has a lot of issues. People have also claimed that they are unable to locate their friends or even the virtual worlds they enjoy. The fact that these avatars available on the virtual world still looks like cartoonish and don’t truly look genuine is one of the major issues.

Some users have complained about other users acting rudely or otherwise inappropriately, and you know, people just don’t want to be around that. What has Meta’s response to all of this been? Do they simply say that they are working on it? Clearly, this is not a finished product; it is still under development.

For Meta, We think that’s a reasonable argument. This hasn’t been an immediate success for Meta. Is this a concern for them? Certainly, this is a multi-year endeavour, as Meta has stated, but the question is more.

Do they have the time to complete a multi-year project? They are actively promoting reels and video material in an effort to remain relevant as they compete for users with techtalk and other social networking firms. They now want to devote a lot of time, effort, and money into this project, but some individuals are more interested in the short-term and would want to see results right away.