Latest Features For Businesses In Android 13.

by | Mar 7, 2024

Android 13 introduces new ways for businesses using Android Enterprise to get more out of their devices, including an improved Android Management API, an easier-to-use work profile, and more ways for IT administrators to manage and protect company and employee devices. Let’s take a deeper look at these new business features.

More Personalized Experiences :

Android phone screen appearing apps in work profile and content that says “Isolated work apps from individual to remain organized.” Starting with Android 13, the Android Administration API goes past fair overseeing gadget arrangements. It can presently customize worker encounters on corporate gadgets, like gadget provisioning and client settings. This too implies the Android Undertaking group can roll out accommodating modern highlights and administration capabilities more regularly, beginning with gadgets running Android 13.

Simpler Navigation On Work Profile :

Work profile already helps keep company data accessible and secure, and personal profile data private and separate — all on a single device. In Android 13, work profile gives employees an even smoother experience, offering a simpler design, improved productivity and new cross-device capabilities. Navigating between work and personal profiles is now more intuitive, all while respecting cross-profile admin policies. Employees can choose to open an app in either their work or personal profile, depending on where it’s installed.

If they’d prefer to keep work-related content out of their personal apps — so a work-related training video on YouTube doesn’t affect their personal watchlist, for example — they can choose to access that content in their browser instead. Employees can also switch between work and personal photo galleries when sharing pictures with an app, granting access only to selected files rather than their entire media library.

You’ll find more productivity tools in work profile, too. Smart dictation is now available in work profile apps on Pixel devices, so Android’s dictation recommendations stay separate — keeping corporate jargon dictated for work emails out of personal chats. All Android 13 devices can also now use Near-field communication (NFC) from work apps to enable use cases like digital access badges and tap-to-pay from work profile.

More productivity features are coming soon to Android 13, thanks to new integrations between Phone Hub and Android and ChromeOS. Employees will be able to securely respond to and access work information that’s on their phones — including messages, notifications and pictures — from their corporate Chromebooks. And those interactions will be protected by end-to-end encryption and company management policies.

Default Built-In Security And Privacy :

With each new and latest releases, Android Enterprise’s security securities get indeed more grounded with unused administration capabilities, client controls and stage improvements. For illustration, on a modern central center, workers can oversee gadget security and protection settings, and see company approaches connected on the gadget as well as gadget information shared with IT admins. Android 13 too gives IT admins more control over gadget Wi-Fi network for highlights like Wi-Fi Coordinate and Wi-Fi tying. It includes security logs for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and watchword exercises in line with National Data Confirmation Organization (NIAP) prerequisites. And for quicker security patches, Android 13 has included Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (UWB) to the list of more than 30 modules that can be overhauled remotely through Google Framework Updates.

Unused highlights like Misplaced Mode and Remain Private on Work Wi-Fi are coming before long to Android 13. When Misplaced Mode is actuated, IT admins can bolt down and find company-owned gadgets, anticipate unauthorized get to and show company contact data on the gadget screen. In the mean time, Remain Private on Work Wi-Fi will advance progress worker security by naturally scrambling and directing arrange activity for individual profiles when workers are on company Wi-Fi. Both highlights will be accessible through the Android Administration API. Ready to put Android 13 to work for your trade? Sign up for our webinar on September 29 to memorize more approximately how Android 13 is supporting today’s working world.