Is “01 Light” AI device Merely A ‘SCAM’?

by | Apr 3, 2024

A New Era in Technology

In recent months, the tech industry has seen a surge in the launch of AI devices. One such device that has garnered attention is the 01 Light, an AI agent device released by Open Interpreter. Like other AI devices such as the Humane Pin and Rabbit R1, 01 Light is a standalone device that uses AI to answer questions and perform tasks.

The 01 Light: A Standalone AI Device

The 01 Light stands out with its unique features. In a demo by Open Interpreter, it was shown that users could ask 01 Light to check a file on their computer and automatically send it via email. It can also monitor your email for certain attachments. What sets it apart from devices like Rabbit R1 is that you don’t need to type or click on the computer; you just need to say what 01 needs to do on the screen, and it will do it itself.

Open-Source Language Model: Llama

The 01 Light uses an open-source language model called Llama. This is a key differentiator between Open Interpreter’s 01 and other AI agents like Rabbit’s R1 or the Humane AI Pin. Being open source means that people can build whatever feature on top of it. While the device costs $99 to pre-order, you can try the AI feature on your devices for free.

The 01 Light is an ESP32-based voice interface. What about delegating your laptop tasks to an AI, freeing up your time for other things? Never type, click, tap, or swipe again. That’s what these AI devices going to take off from our digital lives. Cool Isn’t it?

The Criticism: AI Devices vs Smartphones

While the rise of AI agent devices such as 01, Humane AI Pin, or Rabbit R1 is interesting, there are some strong criticisms towards them. One critique is that these products struggle to answer the question, “why use this instead of our phone?”. For instance, you can ask 01 to check your text messages or emails, but isn’t pulling out your phone more private and faster?

The Challenge: Practicality and Enjoyability

Another criticism is that when it comes to certain things like ordering food, getting a taxi, or planning vacations, there are a lot of factors that we consider that may be overlooked by an AI that takes actions in mere minutes. Moreover, because they are physical devices, you need to carry them, which can become a hassle. Some of them, like Rabbit and 01, need you to hold them to start speaking, making it not a hands-free experience.

The Biggest Challenge: Better Than A Smartphone?

The biggest challenge that these AI device companies need to answer is: How are their devices better than a smartphone? While some may argue that these devices may help with our screen addiction and low attention span, if using them proves to be less practical or enjoyable, we may still have to wait for a better solution.

Gimmicky or Potential?

So, what do you think? Are these AI devices just gimmicky, or is there a lot of potential in them? The future of AI devices is still unfolding, and only time will tell if they become an integral part of our digital lives.