If You Know Where To Look, Internet Explorer Is Still Available On Windows 11.

by | Mar 7, 2024

Despite the fact that it was decommissioned in June, Internet Explorer may still be accessed on Windows 11.Internet Explorer was once a major player in the internet browser world. There are still many people around the globe stiull using Internet Explorer browser even in 2022! Quite surprise to know isn’t it ? That’s true. It is still being used for performing important tasks on some of the websites.

What one should be aware of :

Internet Explorer was removed by default in Windows 11.

On June 15, 2022, Microsoft stopped supporting Internet Explorer.

Despite the fact that Internet Explorer’s support ended in June, a Twitter user has discovered a way to run it on Windows 11.

Internet Explorer was never meant to run on Microsoft’s most recent operating system. The outdated browser was deactivated when Windows 11 was released. On June 15, 2022, Microsoft formally ended support for Internet Explorer, moving the company further away from the browser. However, outdated browsers persist despite change. Internet Explorer may now be used on Windows 11 thanks to a solution discovered by Twitter user XenoPanther.

There is still a outdated Internet options area hidden in Windows. Using a few straightforward steps, you can open Internet Explorer:

  • Open Start/Search and Search for Internet options as shown in the screen shot shared below.
  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Click the Program tab and Click “Manage add-ons”.
  • Select “Learn more about toolbars and extensions.”

Boom!!! A window running Internet Explorer will open by doing the instructions mentioned above.

Another concern is why anyone would want to do this, especially given that Microsoft Edge provides an Internet Explorer option for anyone who uses antiquated software.

As far as we can determine, all versions of Windows 11 are compatible with this workaround. You should probably move swiftly if you’re willing to use Internet Explorer on Windows 11. Microsoft never intended for the new operating system to function with the Older version of browser. It’s likely that the business will eliminate the recently found workaround in a subsequent release.

After Internet Explorer was discontinued, Microsoft Edge witnessed an increase in market share. Edge raised its market share from 10.12% to 10.64% in June 2022, notwithstanding the possibility that this was unconnected. Microsoft’s browser is currently in second position, although it is well behind Google Chrome. In June 2022, Chrome had a 66.93% market share, and it has been circling that number ever since.