How To Use Your Phone As Security Key For Google Accounts

by | Apr 18, 2023

Your iPhone or Android smartphone can be made as a physical security key to verify your Google login. This adds an extra layer of security to your account making it harder to access by anyone else.

There are many third party two factor authentication app like Authy available that require that user to enter both your password and a code generated by the app.

Another way is to use Google’s own Authenticator. Google’s built-in security allows you to access your account by a simply hit on “Yes” or press your volume button in the pop-up that appears on your phone.

Here’s how to add the secondary security authentication for your personal google account.

Note: If the authentication phone option is greyed out,It’s likely that your company doesn’t allow you to use a phone number or text message for verification. In that case you’ll need to choose another method or contact your administrator

  • Add a Google account to your phone by navigating to Settings > Passwords & accounts, scroll down to and select Add account > Google .(If google account is not setup in your phone).
  • Move on to on Chrome browser and click on ‘Use your phone to sign in’ option.
  • On the screen displayed, Enter your account password.
  • In the next screen input choose your phone, Touch ID (for an iPhone) or a screen lock (for an Android), add a recovery phone number.

That’s it! You’ve set up your phone as a security key and you may now log in to Gmail, Google Cloud, and other Google services using your phone as the primary or secondary verification method.