How To Download Active Listing From Your eBay Seller Hub?

by | Mar 13, 2022

We must upload the list of products we want to manage to handle your own Active Listings. eBay’s File Exchange is the simplest way to obtain this list.

Note: You must have qualified and signed up for File Exchange to be able to download from it.

Follow the steps below to download your active listing from eBay;

Follow the steps below to download your active listing from eBay;

  • From Seller Home dashboard, select the Overview option and under the Selling Tools select File Exchange
  • Now you will be redirected to a File Exchange page where under the Download option you will be able to find Download Files (Setup Your Download Active Items) and Complete Downloads (Collect the Download From Here Once It’s Ready)
  • Select the Download Files, under the Create a Download Request select Active from the drop down if Listing and records.
  • Now make sure the Download Format is Standard, Date Range is All Active Listings, enter the email address to send the files to download and finally click on Save
  • You will get an email when the download is complete. The update file is also available from the Completed Downloads link on the left menu.

Please note that your result files are available for download after the request date for a specific time only. eBay files are available for 30 days.