Google Play Store Introduces A New Method To Weed Out Fraudulent, Suspicious Ratings And Reviews.

by | Mar 7, 2024

To ensure that app ratings and reviews in the Play Store are as legitimate as possible, tech giant Google has introduced a new app review policy. If the most recent adjustment is successful, user-submitted reviews and ratings will be delayed by around 24 hours before they become public reports Android Central.

According to the article, the tech giant wants the new policy to be able to identify fraudulent ratings and reviews on Android applications.

“We are adding a delay of about 24 hours from when users submit Ratings or Reviews to when those contributions are published,” Google was cited as stating in a warning. “This will allow us to automatically spot questionable Ratings or Reviews activity.”

As per Google’s statement regarding this filter policy “To allow us to automatically detect suspicious Ratings or Reviews activity, we are introducing a delay of around 24 hours from when users submit Ratings or Reviews to when those submissions are published,” Google was quoted as saying in an advisory.

According to the study, the new guideline may assist to stop the proliferation of fake internet product reviews.

The statement continued, “During this time, you will still be able to assist your users by viewing Reviews and responding to them, but these won’t be immediately made public.

According to the post, the tech giant discouraged writing evaluations for the same product from several accounts as well as reviews for the same product more than once.

As part of its probe into whether Google and Amazon “may not have done enough” to combat bogus reviews on their respective platforms, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) opened an inquiry into both companies last year.